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Issue №: 4 (103)

Published: 2021.12.24
DOI: 10.37128/2306-8744-2021-4

The journal deals with the problems of vibration technologies and machines, mathematical methods of vibration process studies, information on design and technological development, presents teaching and methodological aspects of teaching in the Higher School of Applied Sciences, where vibration machines and technologies are studied.

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DOI: 10.37128/2306-8744-2021-4-10
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Yaremchuk Oleksandr Stepanovych, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of the Department of Veterinary Hygiene, Sanitation and Expertise of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, 8 Yunosti Avenue, Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

Novgorodska Nadiia Volodymyrivna, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Food Technologies and Microbiology, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, 8 Yunosti Avenue, Vinnytsia, Ukraine; email: super-nadia1971n@ukr.net 



Fermented dairy products are one of the most important sources of essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and other biologically active substances that support the activity of the human immune system and reduce the impact of harmful environmental factors, so their daily presence in the diet is recommended.

The longest stage in the production of such dairy products is the fermentation process. This process requires the use of large volumes of production areas, and high energy consumption to maintain the temperature, so reducing the duration of the fermentation process without adversely affecting the consumer properties of products is a priority.

The development of various types of dairy products is also relevant, which is natively enriched with functional substances and does not require special additives, which translates it into the segment of natural and organic products, as well as reduces costs and increases the availability of certain medical diets.

The ultrasonic treatment of the fermented mixture is a promising tool for solving the tasks. In recent decades, ultrasound has proven to be a powerful and economical tool for changing the physical state of matter, dispersing, emulsifying, changing the rate of diffusion, crystallization and dissolution of substances, and activation of chemical and biochemical reactions.

It is becoming more widely used in various technological processes due to these properties, as well as the emergence of relatively inexpensive, efficient and reliable ultrasonic equipment that allows you to generate ultrasound of different frequency and intensity. 

The control indicator in the research was to measure the increase in the active acidity of milk during fermentation by lactic acid mesophilic microorganisms. Thus, the possibility of using ultrasonic treatment as a factor in intensifying the fermentation process is proved.


Keywords: milk, sour milk, drink, ultrasonic treatment.

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In June 1994 the 2nd International Scientific and Technical Conference "Application of vibrations for technological purposes" was organized on the basis of Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute. Leading experts in this field, noting the significant contribution to the school of Vibration Engineering under the leadership of P. S. Bernyk, proposed to create a professional all-Ukrainian scientific and technical journal "Vibration in engineering and technology..The journal was foundedat Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute and P.S. Bernyk was elected to be the chief editor .
For all these years (since 1994) theJournal "vibration in engineering and technology" published  94 issues wherestudy of vibration effects, the creation of progressive energy saving technologies and equipment for their implementation were highlighted.
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