Vibrations in engineering and technology


Issue №: 1(88)

Published: 2018.04.12

Журнал присвячено висвітленню проблем з вібраційних технологій і машин, математичних методів досліджень вібраційних процесів, подано інформацію про проєктно-конструкторські технологічні розробки, представлено навчально-методичні аспекти викладання у Вищій школі прикладних дисциплін, де вивчаються вібраційні машини і технології.

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Stadnik Mykola Ivanovich – doctor of technical sciences, professor of the department of electrotechnical systems of technologies and automation in agro-industrial complex of Vinnitsa national agrarian university, service address: Vinnytsya st.Sonyachna 3, VNAU 21008

Yaroshenko Leonid Victorovich – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the department of electrotechnical systems of technologies and automation in agro-industrial complex of Vinnitsa national agrarian university, Service address: Vinnitsa, st.Sonyachna 3, VNAU 21008

Omelyanov Oleg Mykolayovich – Senior Lecturer of the Department of General Technical Disciplines and Occupational Safety of Vinnitsa national agrarian university, service address: Vinnytsyast.Sonyachna 3, VNAU 21008



The construction of a vibrational dryer is proposed that is based on the intermediate heating of grain products, which are vibrotransported by monolayer and heated by infra-red rays with heating periods alternated with cooling periods. For excitation oscillation of each vibrating tray is used two electromagnetic exciters that have relatively lower metal content and easier to control during operation. The use of two synchronized electromagnetic vibrations of oscillation allowed to disperse the compelling force and to apply it in two places simultaneously of the vibrating tray, which is especially important given its considerable length. In the course of theoretical investigations the constructive schemes of the vibration tray with an electromagnetic actuator have been analyzed and specified, and its dynamic model has been refined, which allowed to obtain differential equations of its motion as an electromechanical system. The obtained results allow to establish the analytical dependence between the current flowing in the coil of the electromagnet of the vibration drive and the parameters of its supply voltage, which allows to thoroughly investigate the course of electromechanical processes in the electromagnetic actuator of vibration dryers drives and to specify the methods of engineering calculation of these actuators.

Keywords: electromagnetic vibration drive, tray vibrational dryer, vibrotransporting

List of references

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In June 1994 the 2nd International Scientific and Technical Conference "Application of vibrations for technological purposes" was organized on the basis of Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute. Leading experts in this field, noting the significant contribution to the school of Vibration Engineering under the leadership of P. S. Bernyk, proposed to create a professional all-Ukrainian scientific and technical journal "Vibration in engineering and technology..The journal was foundedat Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute and P.S. Bernyk was elected to be the chief editor .
For all these years (since 1994) theJournal "vibration in engineering and technology" published  94 issues wherestudy of vibration effects, the creation of progressive energy saving technologies and equipment for their implementation were highlighted.
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