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Issue №: 1(104)

Published: 2022.04.29
DOI: 10.37128/2306-8744-2022-1

The journal deals with the problems of vibration technologies and machines, mathematical methods of vibration process studies, information on design and technological development, presents teaching and methodological aspects of teaching in the Higher School of Applied Sciences, where vibration machines and technologies are studied.

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DOI: 10.37128/2306-8744-2022-1-11
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Sivak Roman – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of General Technical Disciplines of Vinnytsia national agrarian university (st. Soniachna, 3, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 21008, e-mail: sivak_r_i@ukr.net)

Ostrovsky Anatoliy – assistant of the department machinery and equipment for agricultural production of the Vinnytsia National Agrarian University (3, Solnechnaya St., Vinnitsa, 21008, Ukraine, email: anatol.u.ostrowski@gmail.com).

Zalizniak Roman – graduate student (st. Soniachna, 3, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 21008, e-mail: pacifistroma@gmail.com) 



With axisymmetric deformation, the deformable body and the load have a common axis of symmetry. Such deformation occurs in numerous technological operations. About 70% of parts obtained by cold extrusion are deformed under conditions of axial symmetry.

The plane problem of the theory of plasticity is reduced to a solution in the framework of a two-dimensional statement, when the motion of points in the section of a workpiece is analyzed. Each point can move only in the section plane, and its velocity can be decomposed into two mutually perpendicular directions along the coordinate axes. For plane deformation, it is assumed that the velocity in the direction of the third coordinate axis is equal to zero.

The presence of axial symmetry allows us to confine ourselves to studying the behavior of points located on the plane of the meridional section of the workpiece. In this case, each point can move only in the section plane and its velocity can be decomposed into two orthogonal directions: along the axis and along the radius. The component of the velocity vector in the circumferential direction is equal to zero, so only four of the six independent components of the strain rate tensor remain. In this regard, axisymmetric problems of the theory of plasticity are of considerable interest from the point of view of solving applied problems.

The article discusses the possibility of using mixed Euler and Lagrange coordinates to determine the components of the strain rate tensor in plastic deformation processes characterized by the axisymmetric nature of metal plastic flow. The vector field of displacements at each point in space reflects the transformation of the initial (non-deformed) configuration into the current one, and therefore determines the configuration of the deformed body in space in a certain frame of reference. The deformation process is first considered in a single Cartesian coordinate system, and then in a cylindrical coordinate system, the use of which is more appropriate for axisymmetric deformation. It is assumed that the functions of the Euler coordinates from the Lagrange coordinates are obtained by approximating the experimental data.


Keywords: Lagrange and Euler variables, strain tensor components, strain rate tensor components, plastic flow, deformed state, Cartesian coordinate system, cylindrical coordinate system, axisymmetric deformation.

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