Vibrations in engineering and technology


Issue №: 2(101)

Published: 2021.06.29
DOI: 10.37128/2306-8744-2021-2

The journal deals with the problems of vibration technologies and machines, mathematical methods of vibration process studies, information on design and technological development, presents teaching and methodological aspects of teaching in the Higher School of Applied Sciences, where vibration machines and technologies are studied.

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DOI: 10.37128/2306-8744-2021-2-15
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Rutkevych Volodymyr – PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Machinery and Equipment for Agricultural Production of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University  (Sonyachna Str., 3, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 21008, e-mail: v_rut@ukr.net). 

Kushnir Vitaliy  –  a master's student majoring in133 "Industrial Engineering" of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University (Sonyachna Str., 3, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 21008, e-mail: vetalion2752@gmail.com).



The possibility of increasing the efficiency and expanding the technological capabilities of the process of deforming drawing, by studying the contact phenomena and force characteristics of the process of deforming drawing (flashing) with the imposition of ultrasonic vibrations on the tool.

The main advantages of deforming drawing with application of ultrasound are noted, among which it is necessary to allocate considerable decrease in force parameters of process, reduction of level of residual stresses, increase of accuracy of the processed details. Also, the application of ultrasound allows you to process parts made of metal and alloys, the processing of which in normal conditions is impossible and requires special techniques. It is noted that it is not possible to use known designs of broaches and firmware when flashing with the application of ultrasonic vibrations, because the firmware must have all the dimensions related to the acoustic parameters and the deforming element must be placed on the mandrel with tension to create good acoustic contact between the mandrel and the element.

Prefabricated deforming firmware for processing holes with the imposition of longitudinal ultrasonic vibrations has been developed and a method for calculating their deforming elements for strength has been proposed. The performed calculations showed that the calculated stresses differ from the allowable ones by no more than 15-20 %. From the above calculations it is seen that the deforming element can be destroyed, both under the action of the working load in the process of flashing, and under the action of thermal stresses after the exit of the element from the machined hole. This difference in the results of research can be explained by the fact that the order of tensile strength is a value that has a large scattering zone and in different studies it is different.

The results of research on the strength of deforming elements can be used in engineering calculations in the design of prefabricated tools for drawing holes with ultrasound.


Keywords: mechanical engineering, deforming drawing, firmware, ultrasound, stress state, hard alloy, deforming element, element strength

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In June 1994 the 2nd International Scientific and Technical Conference "Application of vibrations for technological purposes" was organized on the basis of Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute. Leading experts in this field, noting the significant contribution to the school of Vibration Engineering under the leadership of P. S. Bernyk, proposed to create a professional all-Ukrainian scientific and technical journal "Vibration in engineering and technology..The journal was foundedat Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute and P.S. Bernyk was elected to be the chief editor .
For all these years (since 1994) theJournal "vibration in engineering and technology" published  94 issues wherestudy of vibration effects, the creation of progressive energy saving technologies and equipment for their implementation were highlighted.
Currently Kaletnik H.M  PhD , professor, academician NAAS is the chief editor of the "Vibrations in engineering  and Technology"
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